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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 9, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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with a nylon cord 12 years driving. cell phone records and an autopsy share issues to get shoes killed at the beginning of the pursuit which lasted an hour. connected t police volunteers wiljune police and vs will continue searching at the landfill of a point for frederick sales he has been missing and for more than a week. his father was found dead at their hercules from back on august 28th police believe again that efren valdemoro till both sales and his father. investigators started searching after they recovered a cadillac escalate at a business park and hercules on friday. it is to run by efren valdemorowas to reviven
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valdemoro. we're going to take a break, were headlines straight ahead. let's go inside to in a live look this morning again of the james lick freeway traffic is moving well not nearly as much fog, the drizzle is nothing but a memory as it headed this thursday morning. we will be @ prt back.
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and we're back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today a cool 78 is all it will get inland. on the upper 60s around the bay low 60s that the coast, warming up a little bit as it headed to friday. still in the '80s we should be in the '90s. low seventies around the bay, low 60's at the crows. hold that pattern cooling enough of it more as an added the next week. again of the unseasonably cool temperatures. following the lead as wild fires, colorado for people are missing and the fire at last check was only 10
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percent contained. you can see one of the homes there was destroyed. the least 135 have gone up in smoke making this fire the most destructive in state history more than 3500 have been forced to evacuate and a lot of folks are loss of just about everything they own. fire officials are grateful for a cooler temperatures and light rain that they received just today conditions or expected to worsen today winds expected to pick up. the humidity is looking to fall your this afternoon. they're going to do with that. no deaths, and no injuries reported. the causes are still unknowns. officials are still on the verge or fir grows in the new rules that the airline pilots can work in order to provide pilots for making fatal errors. they've taken 15 months to propose the rules despite promises of swift action. final rules are meant to your down the road. britain's financial
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regulators has had golden sacks of the $27 million fine for failing to notify u.k. officials about an investigation in united states. the british agency's investigation began back in april after securities and exchange commission filed civil fraud charges against goldman sacks for misleading buyers. a complex mortgage related investments, goldman struck settle the charges they agreed to pay some $550 million. the largest penalty against of wall street firm in history. a checked on market headlines, stock futures are up, after ending yesterday at a higher note. weekly jobless claims report is also looking for a decline. a new government forecasts of the health-care tab will go up a bit with the new health-care overhaul. this is the impact will be moderate, towards iran's plans to visit a mall near you this holiday season the company plans to open 600 temporary express
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stores they're looking to hire some 10,000 seasonal workers. governors schwarzenegger is leaving the trade mission to asia today even as the state budget crisis their eggs on. he says the church cannot wait as he tries to drum up trade between california and its biggest trading partners especially in china. >> this is 1.5 trillion potential customers. if california is to remain the leader in the go global economy economic ties are extremely important. >> in other governor supports a dagger as we said will be heading there today. he will visit japan, korea and complete trade deals with tens of billion dollars. that is something to look forward to sundresses the governor should put on the the drop. and while the governor is
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also trying to bring the 2020 world expo to the valley. he will talk with the world the expos governing broke his is holding the event in the south bay would be good for the expo san francisco has hosted the event horizon once in 1939 and before that in 1915. alas 132 days, exhibits, shows, piloting cultures in countries across the globe. another break, but with more headlines in just a moment. let us go outside the van of a checked on your right, 1 1/7 pounds, the weather is fine, traffic is light we're hoping to get is this thursday was about to better morning commute.
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cloud of dallas tx to people have died in a series of tornadoes that touchdown yesterday. this video shows just one of those two wisters in fact that once once landed a greek into a warehouse that building immensely toppled. the residents led to more than a hundred high water rescues. let us get the latest on tropical storm arlene thrum and eds have moved north. at this point the storm system as we mentioned has produced tornadoes three in oklahoma alone. besides system across state. a few homes are damaged. tractor-trailer's brown over pretty typical damage. flash flood watches are also in effect until this morning. the storm started moving into arkansas, missouri, kansas. let us get a look at what we're looking at. much milder in comparison.
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>> absolutely, continue with the cold temperature well below the seasonal average. temperatures are very similar to where we were yesterday may be few degrees warmer than not. a sharp right now golden gate bridges bring us a clear shot this morning. by noon time getting up to 60. 64 for san francisco back down as the upper 50s by o'clock. here's a look were seeing fog, apache fog. some spots to my look and see clear skies, other areas along the coastline starting to see that fog roll in also red on to the east bay starting to see a good amount of salt. not quite as much open to the north bay. it cells then over the east bay, 55 san francisco, as it had ended the day by 10:00 we will keep temperatures in the '50s, '60s.
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by noon we should warn them say a few '70s and the in the spots possibly down to the south bank talking about this afternoon into the '60s and '70s. really not warming up much and then cooling back down by the 8:00 hour. afternoon highs, 72 degrees santa rosa, now but 73, san francisco 64, up to the '70s to redwood city, hayward. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows a warming trend as we head towards the weekend will more moderate significantly by saturday. temperatures getting up to 87 degrees, low seventies around the bay. we're not dealing with any potential hotspots trips ride down the shore freeway was started zero
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not much company out there as your perch the bay bridge toll plaza crosstown traffic at the james lick, and down cycles of about 101 is moving just fine. the lower deck of the bay bridge is a smooth, easy ride, your ride from 101 towards the airport is 16 minutes. wrapping up with a shot of the suspects, 101. not too bad ride, northbound traffic in the kenya direction looks even better, 12 minutes on your way from downtown san jose ought to its and unclear. james. >> thank you. other headlines including new details in the murder of this young man 17 year-old john martinez was charged as adults in the fatal shooting of that are oakland
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football player. he was killed while celebrating his 18th birthday at his home. police say martinez a suspected gang member opened fire after he was turned away from his birthday party. three of the people were injured, he played football and he was accepted to california state university he was not a member of any gang. a man accused of committing a lewd acts on to children did not shopping court was convicted by the jury despite his voluntary absence 53 road recent rate was convicted of molesting two young girls at separate sleepovers the last three years there is currently an no bail felony warrant for his arrest he will be sentenced to a minimum of 15 years to life sunnyvale police are continuing the search for a person who was setting vehicles and dumpsters on fire. please have no suspect for the door of a sketch. take a good look police say there have been 15
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different fires reported since may those who live in the area are nervous and not knowing when arsonist will strike. >> i am certain that everyone is concerned they would like the individual that is causing the fires to be caught. a lot safer. it makes me nervous personally it happened rate their story to the crotch and up bargains. if it'd gone father and my car and my husband's truck would of been the victims. >> police say all the fires have been set in neighborhoods along old sentence for road just ease of oaks ave. a pot bust in west of this golden gate park in san ramon to tell you about as kron4 shares as the best as part of marijuana eradication effort. >> in the east bay and marijuana
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bust that makes 1800 mature plants and the arrest of four suspected or this is the end result of a bus on regional park property. they confiscated 1800 pop plans. early this morning parsley's end shares traded as suspected per site. when officers arrived this data to a man who ran off, the many see here's one that caught the second man was able to get away in the rough terrain. police say fighting your site is not uncommon in taking quite craig of a bid of a virus out damage. >> national news, this is an interface search and games will take a good look, people here say they would like the world to know that they are against the local preacher who plans to burn the muslim holy book this saturday there among the many people pressuring him at a different church not to go
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through with his plans to burn copies of the kron. john says he wants to mark the ninth anniversary by doing it. u.s. air raids around the world are being warned to look over any anti-american violence as a result. dramatic they are causing a stir on see that land. take a look, this is what visitors to alonso is caught on video last week. a trader attacked by a 400 for a pound lion the video shows to trainers walking around when the male cat turns on one of the men unexpectedly the trainer strove to get free which he did he needed a few stitches no word on what caused a lion to suddenly jump demand. he is now being investigated. warhead land stood ahead we continue, let's go outside a live look this morning this is our albany camera. those
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taillights are headed for me those headlights are headed westbound rates to the s curve. as you make your way down towards the macarthur maze. we'll be right back. ?÷ the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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this is the back to school list. the cost always makes mom freak. mommy. mom, the back to school list is here. looks expensive. graphing calculator, flash drive -- that was easy. [ male announcer ] get back to school and back to savings on everything on your list at staples. in mayor back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. again of the unseasonably cool weather today. 78 degrees in
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land 68 around the bay. low 60s along the coast, not so much morning fog is we had yesterday to market comes back. friday, saturday, sunday warned that slightly, getting up to the mid to upper case. amid the low seventies around the bay. 60s along the coast, we keep that trend happening as we head into next week. quick look at some of your bridges, san mateo bridge is moving well highway 92 shows no delay no traffic as you make your way westbound from hayward to foster city. eric is standing by at the traffic desk she has an update coming at. take a look at all this damage done by that 7.1 quake which it is the last weekend a lot of the area has
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been cordoned off. yesterday's strong aftershocks terrified people. there was a 5.1 in magnitude it cost new worries about the safety of buildings that have been cracked. many crumbling. quake damage is extensive it is now believed that about 100,000 homes are damaged and in these 500 have been a red tape to. condense. in pakistan, the flood waters are finally receding. but they have left behind ruined crops and devastated visages. you can see some of the damages. the ambassador to the u.s. as the military is so busy with flood relief that is hampering their fight against terrorism. he's is going after extremists depends heavily on pakistan the troops. thousands of people throughout the country remain homeless this morning. the latest on to the investigation of the philippine peen bust hostage situation. at
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the last month. we covered it live, investigators say some of the victims were hit by a bullet to directories. and the hostages wounds indicate some they've been had by friendly fire. investigators were. eight tourists were from hong kong their the ones to were killed after a police officer of red in ago came back disgruntled hijacked a bus of the hostage. the hostage taker was killed by police. today is a 37 for those trapped miners, we're hearing a lot about what is happening under around the campsite above the mine has turned into a community of its own. some relatives and colleagues say they refused to budge and sell all 33 are brought back to the service which could take another six weeks. 50 of the friends and family are their living above ground the miners are getting antibiotics and altman's since
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many of them had scrapes and skin sores because of that slide that happen. comedian steven kroll there is giving troops returning from iraq his own type of homecoming with vice president joe biden. even attained. he filled the audience of news show with veterans and active troops in fact he provided beer and ice cream. biden serve hot dogs. he declared it as in evening for the troops. he opened it on top of a tank which roll down a street outside his new york studio. back with more headlines in a moment, back up side before we go the james lick freeway, traffic is moving well coming at a san francisco.
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and we are back, we are looking at a live picture from our rooftop camera. unseasonably
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cool today and again. again just like masai yesterday.we saw yeso mid '80s as we head into the weekend. cooling enough again will we go into the beginning of next week, more on the forecast with louisa standing by. good morning. >> if you thought yesterday was cool today will be very similar temperatures my warm-up a degree to but still very cool across the bay. here's a shot rang now downtown san francisco not quite as socked in. in fact clear skies out there. another cool day temperatures are below which typically see that we do start to warm up just in time for the weekend. turn tempters 55 san francisco, 59 oakland, san jose upper fifties. santa rosa, napa as well. as you make your way
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through the day 10:00 we will see temperatures in the '50s, '60s. cool even to the 10:00 hour. new and effusive is popping up that it is up bay, east bay, livermore valley and year after and i should happen in the '70s and sled and coastline. 8:00, cooling down back into the '60s. not a big change temperatures today. 72 for santa rosa, 70 novato. 64 san francisco 63 oakland '70s and livermore. fremont 71 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it does show that it will be an end to the cooling trend come tomorrow. friday much warmer we'll get back up to the low 80s and so the inland spots. 7 is around the bay '60s for the coast, saturday looks to be the nicest and the warmest day of
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the week with a high temperature getting up to 87 degrees. quite a difference compared to what we have been looking at. calling it off ever so slightly. check on your morning commute. >> thank you. for those of you just setting out the door not much in their arteries to get your way the system overnight construction. they bridge, just a couple cars on the toll plaza headed westbound into the city. overnight construction is still in effect. that was shut down the to right-hand lanes still just 5:00 a.m., easy commute. eight minutes from the foot to fremont. your ride from cortines to the man is 17 minutes. smooth going underwriters san mateo. cars are getting along just fine headed in the commute direction. those spreads making their way into hayward we do have some overnight construction
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in both directions of 92 where they beat me 280. the east ounce 92 connector is also shut down. it is a very easy read the golden gate, no overnight construction, smooth ride headed into the city. no proms northbound whatsoever. your ride from novato and the city limits still 22 minutes highway 37 to 580 is a manager. >> thank you, the investigation into what caused a chain reaction crash that brought brochure to a standstill a google birth map shows you where we're talking about. he spent 580 near the intersection at random macarthur in oakland. video shows you the damage that the dump truck spread into least 13 of the vehicles which were stopped at the busy intersection rate around 5:00 p.m. the off ramp for shutdown
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it has reopened this morning the scene is clear that is kron4 reggie kumar says he just could not stop. >> this twisted piece of mother is what is left of the soil were on that the impact was so strong it pushed the license plate to the roof. this red drum troops build brakes failed will haul in dirt. causing the driver to lose control and smashed into the honda triggering a chain reaction on the grand avenue off ramp. in all 13 cars were damaged, some total. the driver did not want to give us his last name, he said he is glad everyone survived. >> click to get ahold of the people were hurt so i can say sorry, i did that do not purpose. it did everything it could to slow the trek down. as much as i could you know. it would not stop.
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>> and his band only have minor damages he works for a local casting company and some of the entire accident in his rearview mirror. >> as well rubber like skid just construes and order and burning. and turning i was like what in the world. you could hear all of this impact boom, boom, boom. >> five people suffered minor injuries surprisingly no one was seriously hurt investigators do not believe the truck driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol that is why a field sobriety test was not given. investigators say the driver were also not decided. >> also this morning today's seventh day of research at color canyon landfill for any evidence as to what happened to frederick's sales he went missing more than a week ago his
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father was found dead in their home back on august 28th. at this point police believe efren valdemoro call killed both men. . efren valdemoro strength of his girlfriend cindy treadwell he led police on a high-speed chase investigators say the chase began in pleasant hill and from there it wound up in a strip mall. in that time investigators say he strength of trent with in nylon cord everything points to the fact that she was killed at the beginning of that pursuit which lasted nearly an hour. stay tuned to kron4 as we continue to cover this multiple murder case as it keeps developing we'll bring you the latest on our progress and on our website. also this morning, crews are expected to return to the petaluma river where that was a scene where hundreds of gallons of oil leaked into the petaluma river on monday. will that will has a mostly clean up, the tugboat was a source is still in
4:37 am
the water. kron4 shows us why they have not been able to remove it. >> getting this tugboat out from where it is behind me is turning it to be no easy task but state department of fish and game says it will be least two days before it is completely clear it is turning into such a big job that is shut down operations for today so they can reevaluate. earlier today you can see the header worker here using a blowtorch he was working to cut this vessel into clique 3 pleases. they might still go ahead with that plan but they did not feel safe to continue today because the winds have picked up their worried about spork sparks and trading a fire hazard. it will reevaluate whether or not they need to bring in bigger more powerful machinery to call of this 92 tug from the bay. you can see the still have booms in place. that is to get any oil the midwest.
4:38 am
there is to morgan's in place just a little further down. they will stay in place until the job is done, so far they've said there's no verified reports of wildlife injured in this bill. the spill. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let us go out fighting give you another look from the east bay, interstate 80 as it moves through albany those headlights are headed westbound towards berkeley.
4:39 am
and we're back, once by the aids era those headlights headed towards the toll plaza things are moving well. no-cal transport all lanes are openo-cs are open. note the layout there at the chp has been up and about nothing on the logs to slow you down. says 111, it is nice and
4:40 am
light. newish schuster for anywhere from the bottom it said it is good. more weather and traffic. the number of people dying on the nation's rosa has fallen to its lowest level since 1950, the transportation department says this is due to the combination of seatbelts, safer cars here's a breakdown, 2009 deaths fell 9.7%. in 2008 an estimated 37423 people were killed. alcohol impaired driving jess the lotdeaths decl vehicle set less than the state are down for the fourth consecutive year the agency says the vehicle success in carroll for you dropped a 18%. of the
4:41 am
vehicles reported stolen any e percent recovered the main hotspot in southern california. since 2005 the state has seen a 35% reduction in stolen vehicles the drop is contributed to education, technology and tougher enforcement. stay news, new details in the police officer who shot and killed a knife will demand his death has sparked three days of violent protests in los angeles, we are told this morning that the officer was involved in two previous readings while on duty. this comes as hundreds of people return to the streets of for a third night of protest over the fatal shooting of a 37 year-old guatemalan man. they threw rocks, bottles, and other items at officers, as you see in this video scattered fires throughout l.a.. earlier in the day l.a.'s
4:42 am
police chief and other community leaders and met with a residence for upset about that shooting. you can hear a mixture of applause and the news from the crowd. and heckling. the chief calls for, as he plans to fully investigate the shooting. loss is as laker forward matt bahr and has been arrested in sacramento county and suspicion of domestic violence. he was arrested after nine when one call, did he say that both parents in the woman had visible injuries he was booked into the sacramento county jail as a citizen of domestic violence he posted bail and was released. another break, let's go out side and give you a look from our cameras in the south bay this is a one-to-one rate by the interstat that 87 interchange il get up to 73 this afternoon.
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finance starting to warm it up into the '70s we'll keep it there is being added to the afternoon 90 states, no '80s we will stay in the seventies, sixties rated the afternoon cooling it back down into the 60s by o'clock, option 972 for santa rosa. , warming up a little warmer than that. san felt, mill valley upper 60s. 60 degrees of your heading over to ocean beach, and keeping it in the '50s for pacifica. on over to the east bay, 60s across the board, it could just a chilly in berkeley, richmond upper 50s. in the inland slums warm it up with the mid to upper '70's places like danville, san ramon. antioch and down and to disobey temperatures are topping out in the '60s and '70s. overall it is a slightly warmer day than yesterday. maybe a degree or so
4:46 am
what are. keeping it cool, nuzzle little bit of a warming trend, your saturday is looking pretty good in terms of those centers. 87 inland, low seventies around the bay and '60s to the post. as we head of the rest of your work week it looks like we will stay in the east. now here is a checked on your morning commute with erica. >> thank you, still a hot spot free commune not a single incident on our traffic clogged. take it outside directors it francisco, crosstown traffic moving just fine towards the peninsula he read from the aids era to the 10116 minutes. if you're headed in the non constructiodirection is a delay. pretty good ride not a lot of company as you make your way past golden gate and approach the toll plaza speaking of the
4:47 am
toll plaza it is a nice, easy ride coming from all approaches your ride in the foot of the macarthur maze towards fremont is in the manager. quick peek at the creek, is a dark shot but i can guarantee you traffic is zigzaging just fine. it is an easy ride to the valley i just schechter's sensors westbound 24 is a pretty good ride was speeds averaging 60 mi. per hour. you're right to 580 usually refers hotspot of the morning traffic is moving along just one in more headlines, plans for a boat corrector expected to cost
4:48 am
nearly half a billion dollars. the project faces another vote by the california transportation and if they approve the project work could begin in six months. muni service has been restored agency has rejected the bid to halt the service records. the union had been making a request for unfair practices they restore the 61% in a possible sign in the turner economy this suburban narrowed is a crime scene area where incidents of water left .
4:49 am
>> there are covered in every home and business. at the disposal the composted and that here.
4:50 am
>> this is all material for composting. so this is important kind of recycling that we do. there's a lot of nutrients and as a lot of carbon in this material. >> many people have not addressed it for the on the whole cause of roasting thing or just ignoring the rules. recyclers are finding items that should never be included. like this plastic bag and was found inside. >> what is inside? a plastic bag, in sight was a big. this is ridiculous. >>, close to rise and it's full of not to postal items that to beat the band started. >> the apple that's full of nutrients. this is really need to be doing. >> that is a plastic bag. it is full of food. >> some people are trying to do the right thing reporting food wrapped across the bag is wrong. experts recommend to put
4:51 am
in a paper bag because that is composed well. >> you do not have to use a plastic bag. >> only for food from a tour of paper and yard trimmings and from both. >> it sends a new chance back to the farm, they can grow more food to support our health to support your health. please, post. >> brisbane, sydney roberts, kron4 news >> if you were story idea for stanley let him know @ now time for some tech news, google held a press conference yesterday to shot major changes to its webster's kron4 stick reporter was there and does have this new research could make it faster and easier to search the internet. >> google says its new feature google ensign will revolutionize the way we searched web does the
4:52 am
search, look to results and then click on results. now this is the type one leather search results will top out immediately he no longer need to ever click on search and were hit the enter key the search will start immediately. we're on the google search types some with tears one letter w instantly results topped up. and then it puts up results for the results based on weather. but if the person continues to types say they wanted to look at what the media that the number i you will see results for were the pds is basically google turn to predict which ones research for and as they do that the court approves a results so they're predicting treacly you should not have to keep up to about a complete search and since the results are possibly changing its this year a little time from getting into
4:53 am
a great record in the search button they say when it produced directly they can save a user to-5 seconds for surgery gives a from a kron4 news. >> other tech news general motors says it's testing software that would lead drivers talk to their cars. they can also listen to face court and updated the verbal updates will be made do on star, there also is testing a featured there would read text messages and allow them to respond by picking one of four preset replies with a button on the steering well they do not say when the features will make their way into the vehicles. let us take a break, we'll be back with one moment. trevor kron 101. pretty typical here in santa rosa will appear in the north bay. it will typical here in santa rosa will appear in the north bay. it will get about @@ pr
4:54 am
4:55 am
65 degrees by noontime high- temperature command greater and 60 degrees temperature some the '50s, forties' in places like napa. 56 concord, 57 livermore and hayward. 10:00 '50s and '60s. new high temperatures today will top out in the '70s. really not much 73 internet but
4:56 am
and 71 through vallejo. temperatures in the '60s, could warm up into 72 for redwood city and palo alto. 63 the state, and other cool day for berkeley and richmond. upper 50s bringing is plenty of sunshine temperatures soaring into the '70s. 76 in san ramon. the warmer spot hitting 70 degrees. the south bay topping out in the '70s, could get a 59 degree to set it up. it does show a slight warming as we head into friday. slight warming for the weekend the inland temperatures up into the 80s, low seventies around the bay and the '60s for the croats. calling on down is ahead to next week. james. >> thank you, san francisco has
4:57 am
been named the top large city for college students. the annual report ranks the 75 best cities and towns to live-in for college kids. this city scored high marks for diversity and accessibility for walking, biking, public. san jose it worked first all over all around midsize cities. were not sure how san francisco was listed as a larger. but they have their magic there that they use. interesting. we will take a break, we will take a live picture from the james lick, traffic is moving well in the sell about one no one currently 55 degrees, is pretty mild it will only get up to 64 this afternoon, will they had we'll be right back.
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this search continues at a landfill for missing hercules man. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a dump truck to crash of the interstate 580 sending for people to the hospital. a big boost from dozens of silicon valley leaders to move the oakland a's to san jose. those details straight ahead. let's get an update on the forecast, unseasonably cool. a live picture san francisco it looks like those cool temperatures are sticking around. the reason. >> thank you, the we my warm of a few degrees warmer than last day the good news is this morning in a clear shot of the golden gate bridge not much in the way of fog, clear skies as the major morning commute. for another cold day on taft with below average temperatures a
5:01 am
slight warming trend as we head towards the weekend. former temperatures to look forward to. san francisco 54 degrees that is nine degrees cooler than where we are typically around this time of year into a pocket 77 degrees, san jose 73. eight degrees cooler than average you can see to santa rosa 72, oakland 68. all locations are seeing temperatures cooler than where we should be. dry temperatures are in the '40's and places like santa rosa, napa. director monday, san jose to the upper 50s, but warmer down there. 57 through monday, 59 to san jose. quite a bit of cloud cover to the south bay holding for a little bit warmer temperatures. 10:00, we'll continue to see a mixture of sixties and sixties. heading towards noon warming it up into the '70s even into the afternoon. that's where cars are going to talk about pulling it back down to the '60s by the clock tower. those members
5:02 am
getting up to about 72 degrees. 73 in napa today. san fog, mill valley temperatures are in the upper 70's. the east bank temperatures to be in the 60s today another chilly day today. temperatures are in the mid-70s, could warm up to 78 degrees in two antioch, seven jurors are coming in the '70s. 72 and milpitas. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows the morning. warming and up a little bit by saturday. back at the upper 80s. low seventies around the bay. check and a commute. >> thank you, a pretty good start for your morning commute
5:03 am
seeing some minor delays at oakland on sunday 80. that is the to read can lanes) emergencies of repair which is going on, speech definitely in the yellow as you make your way down towards alameda. but to write the lands are close, dipping down to about 45 mi. per hour. it may turn into our first top spot. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving well coming from the 58080. overnight construction is done with. very good try time. your read from the courteous bridge into the maze is a 17 minute drive. easygoing ride underwrite the cemetery, conditions are slightly thicker than i saw 10 minutes ago still no delays as
5:04 am
you make to win the commute direction those bright lights looking at a pretty ideal 13¢ from 10 to end wraping up with a live look at the golden gate bridge, easy conditions. sat down ride is looking good so is the no. 1 ride. here red from novato into the city limits is a 22 minute trip. >> thank you, de 7 the search for clues to the whereabouts of the missing hercules man. frederick sales was reported missing back on august 28th. investigators and volunteers have been sifting through trash hoping for some close this of course after they recovered a cadillac as delayed at business park there was driven by the main suspect in this case efren valdemoro. police believe that efren valdemoro killed both sales and his father. the father was found dead at the hercules
5:05 am
from more than a week ago. new details on another part of the story which involved the deaths of at least four people the chp says that efren valdemoro string of his girlfriend siddhi trade in will be led police on a high- speed tape trees. and there it wound up at a strip mall and richmond and time investigators say that he strangled trent with a nylon cord. cellphone record and an autopsy shows that she was killed at the beginning of that pursuit which lasted nearly an hour. more affirmation on how the bodies of the two women rebalance and karros are were disposed, court documents say one of the bodies was in a big in the closet in side of that home. the of the body was found under some bushes in the backyard. we're also learning more about the chemicals the police found inside the trunk, it led to their arrest of rittenhouse tnt flakes, c four,
5:06 am
rock igniters, safety fuses among other components that were used to make explosives. britain has was held to $2 million bail, you see every now, that bill was reduced to $25,000 yesterday and that allowed him to oppose bill last night. stay with kron4 as we continue to follow the multiple murders in the east bay. at the bell to come in will have your web site and live on kron4. the rest is a trend figure out what led to a dump truck steering and controls for people had to go to the hospital. as kron4 to kumar explains he just could not stop. >> 13 cars were involved in this wrapped including the dump truck, the driver of the tracks as the brakes failed. five people were injured none of them seriously, there were all taken to local hospitals, the trek will be moved from this location is expected to figure out why the brakes failed. in oakland,
5:07 am
reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> a letter to great major league baseball signed by 75 silicon valley ceos is the latest pitch and pushed to move the oakland a's to san jose, the action have a video of what the stadium might look like, the two page letter which was assembled by the silicon valley leadership group carries the signatures of well known executors' from the bay, cisco it drives home the point that they can deliver l.l. will support the no other city in the bay area can match. the attack down nearly $300 that brings the total for $2 billion. the added amount covers extra construction work and other problems. it is scheduled to be completed in late 2013. despite the overall cost the overall
5:08 am
replacement remains unchanged by about $6.2 billion. 5 07 is the time, let us give you a quick look of albany. interstate 80 headlights are headed westbound from her to burke traffic is moving well. as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes.
5:09 am
we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton.
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mom, the back to school list is here. looks expensive. graphing calculator, flash drive, pencils, p-- that was easy. good times. [ male announcer ] get back to school and back to savings on everything on your list at staples. that was easy. and we're back, a live look from a rooftop camera where the weather is chile. 55 degrees in the city, it will only get up to 54 this afternoon. may be warming up a few degrees since the weekend but it will cool rate buy down for next week we'll get a full look at the forecast coming up. goldman sacks is being slapped with a $27 million fine for failing to notify you kate about an investigation in the estate's it comes after washington filed civil fraud charges for misleading buyers. goldman
5:12 am
settled those charges in mid july and july by agreeing to pay $550 million the largest penalty against a wall street firm in history. a check on the markets, stock futures are up this morning after ending yesterday on a higher note the labor department will release its weekly jobless claims report we expect that coming out in the next 30 minutes. analysts are looking for a decline. new government forecast as the health-care tab will go up a bit because of the new health-care overhaul, he says the impact will be monitored. toys r us plans to invade the malls this holiday season it is planning to open up 600 temporary express stores in malls all across america and here in the bay area. pfizer says it will also hire 10,000 seasonal workers. for express stores are opening up in the bay area green wall,
5:13 am
stands atop the agenda, the village valley fair most of those will close in january. some of them could become permanent elaters depending on how well they do careful to to those interested in applying should visit here is a live like inside the nimitz freeway, at 23rd avenue in oakland some emergency gave no work is going on kron4 is jackie sissel is on the scene will visit and find out what is
5:14 am
i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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5:16 am
steve live coverage on the roadway where jackie sissel is alive, jackie what is the latest? >> they say they got about another hour. it is is patrick here it was repaired or rent a o'clock last night we're opening have this thing back open around 5:00 a.m. but they
5:17 am
literally just finish for in that patch on their obviously didn't have to let that said. the promise this is so bad 880. before you hit the curve and they had to re lanes closed said the approach is going to get back up the closer we get to the commuter hours they want is open as quickly as possible before the morning commute times and it looks like it will be bought by schedule. thank you jackie. a lot of folks are hoping it does not damage the commute we have had them were off the morning commute these past couple days. erica is standing by with an eye on this and other race. >> good morning. it's not hot spot yet the were keeping a watchful eye on your ride on southbound880 reword jackie was. the two right-hand lanes are still closed due to the emergency slab repair. this speeds ever improve the last tenants were back in the green
5:18 am
finally spearheading about 60 mi. per hour were just waiting for caltrans to reopen the lanes. we will keep an eye on this as it could develop into reverse hotspot of the morning. all right now to ride to the creek, traffic is getting along just fine in both directions just pass of main street i just checked our sensors westbound 24 is still clocking pretty good dry times still a very good ride. looking at 60 mi. per hour rate now. quickly get albany, here's the short, all of the more co. but so nice, easy ride. no problems on the east shore freeway especially compared to those that we had yesterday. plaza is a nice easy ride from all purges the medium lights are off its $6 ride but not too bad to the minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze to fremont. the time is 518, let's get a
5:19 am
check on your forecasts here is the reason. >> a little bit of an improvement we are dealing with clear conditions san jose is giving us a clear shot this morning it's also a coal 59 degrees by noon getting up to 69 high-temperature 73 checked at the upper 60s by 8:00. elsewhere seeing these temperatures in the '50s. 55 first fairfield, 57 and livermore, upper 50s down into the south bay, warmer temperatures. 10:00 mixture of '50s and '60s. cooling back down to the '60s by the a clock tower. 72 degrees and santa rosa low seventies keeping it in
5:20 am
the upper 60s for places like mill valley and santa felt. sixties for the peninsula and daly city. same goes for san francisco as you make your way down. over to the east bay, 63 degrees for hayward, union city, saying in the '50s for berkeley and richmond. to the san ramon valley plenty of sunshine, pretty nice weather still kind of cool compared to what we are used to. down into the set a temperatures for the most part in the '70s. in here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows us a little bit of a warming trend as we head towards friday, saturday by the weekend is to be rather pleasant with temperatures to the upper 80s for the inland spots, lower seventies around the bay and low sixties for the coast, cooling off ever so slightly as we head towards the weekend. james. >> thank you, an update on wild
5:21 am
fire burning in colorado, latest pictures coming of this house, this home is just one of a good number the diverted gone up in smoke, four people reported missing this morning this fire is only 10 percent contained it has destroyed a hundred and 35 homes. making this fired the most destructive in state history more than 3500 people have been forced to evacuate fire officials say they are grateful that they had cooler temperatures and light rain yesterday. weather is expected to get nasty again today humidity levels are expected to drop, when sir expected to pick up so far no deaths or injuries but again for people are missing they're looking for those homeowners now. the cause of this fire is still unknown. and at least two people have died after a series of tornadoes touched down in the dallas tx area yesterday. here's some in the video of one of those directors, one of the tornadoes that was reported slant a big rig into a warehouse. toppling
5:22 am
that building. forecasters say the remnants of permian lead to more than a hundred hi records use in texas and oklahoma. neighborhood, of the neighborhood, after neighborhood drift with for retrograde. that storm is now moving into markets of this morning, as well as missouri and kansas more than a hundred people had to be rescued this storm system also produced three tornadoes in oklahoma as well homes were damaged a tractor- trailer was blown over as you might imagine a lot of power lines are toppled, flash flood watches are in effect for the entire state of oklahoma. president barack obama meanwhile is urging a florida minister to call of his plan to burn copies of the kron he calls it the move a recruitment bonanza for a al- qaeda. man of the minister is reported to rethink the act is the white house and pentagon gives him a call. people saying
5:23 am
they want the world to know they are against a teacher in question. his name is terry jones he plans on bill are burning it to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the 911 attacks. u.s. and the knees are being warned to look out for violence that may follow. more headlines when no one is moving well as you make your way in december of this group.
5:24 am
as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm
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a cool day on tap for today temperatures in and getting into the upper seventies, the upper 60s for those around the bay, los '60s ditties the upper 50s. in the fog, cool weather continues it tomorrow. may be warming up by the weekend political back down again as we head into next week. so, not a lot of hot temperatures to talk about his mild temperatures here we are in the ninth day of september. new free this morning u.s. and iraqi officials say that four male prisoners with links to al-qaeda have a escaped from the u.s. controlled part of a prison in baghdad. were not sure exactly when or how these inmates got out all four face the death penalty iraq has control over it all detention centers but at their request of the iraqis the u.s.
5:28 am
has a calf has contained 200 most dangerous prisoners or those made it out. today is a 37 for the trap miners in chile will you're getting a lot of work is going on underground a campsite's has acted pop up aboveground read about the mind is turned into a sort of community of its own relatives and called colleagues are refusing to go they want to stay on site and tell all 33 miners are free that could take another six weeks 50 of them are there, they say that they will stay. the miners are getting antibiotics and appointments. a lot of them have scribe's, bruises and skin sores as a result of a class that happens. the nimitz freeway we have roadwork it could be another hour from all lanes are reopened to kron4 is jackie sissel is hour from all lanes are reopened to kron4 is jackie sissel is live. will have an update
5:29 am
. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready.
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5:31 am
a live look a walnut creek, assuring the red and 680 eric is standing by with the check and your cumulated things off with a checked and your forecasts. >> good morning, thursday morning, a clear shot at there, very different thing yesterday with all that's what they did the bay. this morning shot of all benicia is clear conditions. it is also cold. the lower which typically be around this time of year may be warming up a few degrees. the only realistic heated up as we head towards the weekend. right now we headed to the afternoon were getting up to 64 degrees in san francisco, nine degrees which typically be seeing around this time of year 77 concord, 73 san jose, santa rosa 72, oakland 68 which is five degrees below the average. right across the board temperatures are below where they should be, current temperatures 58 degrees for
5:32 am
oakland, said they come monday, san jose tanagers and the upper 50s. by about 10:00 hour not arming that much, '50s, '60s that will get into the '70s by noon, saying that the afternoon your eyes and not getting much warmer than the '70s cooling it back down into the 60s by 8:00. really not much change in the tempters as we make our way into the afternoon getting up to 72% or the upper 60s for cinephile. 71 for layout. along the peninsula in the '60s my kids and fifties along the coast, up into the '70s for redwood city and palo alto. the low '70's. he's been giving as temperatures into the '60s. 63 and your hayward, union city, inland spots warming up to the '70s, 76 for walnut creek, one of warm spots getting up to 78. tomorrow that is only start to see an end to the school weather,
5:33 am
temperatures finally start to rebound. by saturday we should get into the upper 80s. there were some of these around the bay, low sixties for the coast. your gut. >> thank you, sells about 800 is still moving and very well despite the two left land lanes being closed for emergency slabber care. we're pretty much in the green spearheading 50 mi. per hour at the slow spots. don't be surprised if this turns out to be your first hot spot as the commute gradually built. project, we do have some minor slowing and some of the cash slate headed westbound but other than that is the look pretty easy ride coming from all approaches. the overnight construction that i talked about is over, then with, and nice, easy ride pass the savings.pasts also a pretty easygoing ride on
5:34 am
your right to san mateo conditions are slightly thicker. but still a pretty good ride, as you major in the can you direction towards foster city those headlights making their way into hayward rain now. we are bumping up your drive time 14 minutes for men to end. no problems whatsoever on your right to the golden gate, just a little foggy out there but a pretty good right traffic wise, no problems in the northbound direction, some of the traffic is moving at the limit, novato into the city limits is a 22 minute ride highway 37 over to 580 is only if taking a minute. james. >> thank you, on tour developing story this half-hour is day seven of course of the sewage for clues to the whereabouts of missing hercules man at the keller canyon landfill projects sales was reported missing back on august 28th investigators of volunteers have been sifting through trash hoping for some clues this of course after they recovered a cadillac escalated
5:35 am
the business park there was driven by the men suspected in this case efren valdemoro please. believe that efren valdemoro kill both sales in his father his father was found dead hercules from more than a week ago. new details on another part of the story which involves the death of for the people the chp says efren valdemoro straggled his girlfriend while he led police on a high-speed chase. investigators say the countries began a pleasant hill ended at a strip mall in richmond in that time investigators say he strangled trent with a nylon cord according to cell phone records and the autopsy showed she was killed at the beginning of the pursuit which then lasted nearly an hour. we're learning more about how the bodies of two women allen and smart or disposed, court documents say one of the bodies within the bank in the closet in the home that allen and her truck has been trolls' written house shared the other body was found under bushes. efren valdemoro is
5:36 am
suspected in these two murders as well, were also learning more about the chemicals the police found inside that all which is what led to the rest of britain house on expose of churches police say they found tnt flakes, c four, rock igniters and safety fuses a lot of acrimony there used to make explosives. britain house, he was originally held on $2 million bill that was reduced $25,000 yesterday he was able to post bail late last night. stay tuned kron4 news as we continue to fall the latest here in these multiple murders our coverage continues online at also this morning oakland investigators are trying to figure out what led to a dump truck during edit control on interstate 580 and more than a dozen vehicles sending at least four people to the hospital, and after that farquhar, written the heart of the rush hour. the truck driver could not stop that is what he's saying he tried to apply the
5:37 am
brakes and it would not slow down that is what caused a chain reaction the chp says the truck's brakes may have failed they're looking into. governors schwarzenegger is leading a trade mission to asia even as the state budget crisis drags on. the governor says the trip can not wait as he tries to drum up economic trade between the state and its biggest trading partners across the pacific the source of china. >> more than 1.5 billion population think about this this is a 1.5 trillion potential consumers dead california is to remain the leader in the global economy strengthening our economy is extremely important and absolutely necessary. aside from china and the governor will visit japan and korea to complete trade deals worth tens of millions of dollars. some documents that the governor should put off the trip at least until the budget is passed. we're going to take a break, another live look this morning
5:38 am
this is our job from san jose 101 with traffic moving in both directions. mountain view 50 degrees, warm up to those '70s by this afternoon. we'll be right back. jaguar platinum coverage is not just a warranty. it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth,
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[ female announcer ] chef boyardee micro beef ravioli microwave cups. an after-school snack with a full serving of vegetables. just don't tell them. shh. a look at the golden gate, traffic is coming on of of what no one traffic is moving well buildings. current temperature rate now in santa rosa is about 49 degrees below seven is afternoon. this is coming into the kron4 news from the number of people filing for unemployment benefits has dropped to its lowest level in two months the labor department is supporting new claims plunged to 451,000 that is a lot lower than analysts had expected some may see a good thump when the new bell rings. even with the latest crimes frames. new detaie
5:42 am
officers shooting of a knife welding man that victim was shot and killed his death sparked three days of violent protests in l.a. these aerial pictures show you what was happening over night, we're told this morning that the officer was involved in two previous shootings while on duty. this latest information comes as hundreds of people return to the streets for a third night of protests. 37 year-old man weluel. they threw rocks brought the death charlief joined other community leaders with a lot of meeting with residents were upset about the shooting he was blue, heckled as he tried to address the crowd he called for calm as he pledged to fully investigate the shooting. here's a live picture the san
5:43 am
mateo bridge as we have to another commercial break, traffic is moving well in both directions the chp says there are no accidents, no instances to get your way we will keep an eye give you updates through the morning we'll be right back.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
they just opened up to reagan and lanes just past the light, they close down the freeway last night around 8:00 to do emergency repairs they just reopen debt it took about 10 hours to get that package faxed obviously was a temporary patch they're hoping it's going to hold up to the morning commute, right now the good news is for those of your heading south bunny 80 is backed opened.
5:47 am
>> thank you. eric is keeping an eye and a commune. the delays are growing onsets but 80 great past 23rd avenue for the point of our maps you can see traffic is worse than before when lanes freshly closed speech here averaging 40 m.p.h. for yourself from ride as you make your way toward san leandro. no, your right to the tree, i can guarantee you traffic is getting along just fine 600 as you make your way i just checked your sensors westbound 24 is a pretty good right. was that 80 no problems no promises your craft
5:48 am
the jury process, it's and it's come easy read from all approaches the lights are off only seen some minor delays in the cash lanes that will not affect dry too much. check on your chili forecasts. the >> thank you, seeing some prudence.improvements. it will l another cold they tempters warming up a few degrees from yesterday currently is 55 degrees the high temperature of 64. elsewhere kind of cool of the north bay 55 fairfield, 57 hayward and livermore. 56 men feel end fremont. 10:00, so kind to stay cool most places at the
5:49 am
'60s. stay that way even into the afternoon no 80s, 90s topping out into the '70s. 73 in petaluma, down and to mill valley temperatures in the 60s along the peninsula. mexico bought into the 50s the east bay is various temperatures in the '60s again it will be kind of chili, '50s and this is like berkeley, richmond and in spots. warming up to the '70s to get to 70 degrees in any act. 75 and there livermore. south bay temperatures are in the '70s as well. those locations are looking at the address below the seasonal average. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., seeing some more fog roll into the picture to mark but also a
5:50 am
bit of a warming trend especially saturday listed as did the week. james. >> thank you, plans for bart connected to the oakland airport cleared one more hurdle the transportation committee has a proved a state funding for the project is a 3.2 it is expected to draw some $484 million. it faces another vote by the transportation commission later this month if they approve the project work on the connector could begin in six months and take four years to complete. the number of people dying on the nation's roads has fallen to its lowest level since 1950 the transportation department says this is due mainly to a combination of better seat belt enforcement safer cars and tougher enforcement of drug driving laws. alcohol impaired
5:51 am
driving deaths declined 7.4% in 2009 to attend as an 839. the chp is saying that vehicle thefts in the state are also down for the fourth consecutive year it dropped 15% from 2008 to 2009. were than 80 percent are see recovered. the man hotspot is southern california since 2005 this state has seen a 35% reduction in stolen vehicles it is attributed to education, technology and tougher enforcement. also this morning san francisco has been named the top largest city for college students and least according to the american institute for research the annual report links the 75 bus cities and towns to live-in the city scored high marks for diversity and accessibility for walking,
5:52 am
biking, transportation here is the head scratcher they also named san jose as first overall among midsize cities. but it is bid eight bigger than san francisco out in san francisco large city and san jose a midsize they have a fancy way of calculating a guess. will you back with more headlines in a moment, here's a live look outside the bay bridge approach from the current seven to 59 degrees will bump
5:53 am
5:54 am
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[ woman ] nice tights. what's your story?
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and we're back, google held a press conference yesterday showing of major changes to its web search kron4 tech reporter gabe slate was there he tells us how this new feature a can make it faster and easier to find a geneva on the internet. >> google says its new feature google internet will revolutionize the way we surf the web it takes an average of 25¢ a search look for results and light. google wants to make that process faster. now this is the tape one letter search results start to prop up immediately you know lagering need to kick on a search done. the surge will start immediately. we're in the middle minute. if you did w. instantly results tied up for what you think you want to search for weather. based on weather in san francisco since that's where the
5:57 am
commissioner is surging. if the person continues to types say they wanted with the pds of the add the letter i then instantly the results change and you see results for with the pds is physically do will try to predict what you want to search for. if they're predicting correctly you should not have to type out your complete search save me some time and since the results are constantly changing it saves you a little time from hitting the enter key or clicking on the search by and they say when it predicts correctly they consider user two to five seconds per search. >> we'll take our break, back with more have lives of the top of the hour, is a live look from our rooftop camera another cold day on top, a look to the forecast ahead.
5:58 am
5:59 am